Bicep curls superset with Tricep extensions (opposite muscle groups)

                 What are supersets and how do you perform them? Conventional resistance training is done using a method called “straight sets.” Straight sets are pretty much like they sound. You do a specific amount of repetitions continuously to complete that set. After that set is complete, you take a resting period (anywhere from 30 sec to 5 mins) before attempting the next set. A superset is an advanced training technique where you perform two exercises in a row with virtually no rest in between exercises. Supersets are an excellent technique for muscular hypertrophy, especially if you are short on time.

              In my opinion, the best and most effective way to superset is by pairing exercises of opposing muscle groups such as Back and Chest, Thighs and Hamstrings, Biceps and Triceps. Another good superset option is pairing upper body/lower body muscle groups such as Shoulders and Hamstrings, Chest and Quadriceps. And don’t worry; when pairing antagonistic exercises, there is not a significant drop of strength once your cardiovascular is properly conditioned. So give supersets a try for your next workout.


Benefits of Superset workouts


  • Save time. Going from one exercise to another without rest will make your workouts shorter and more efficient.

  • Increase intensity. If you choose supersets that work the same muscle, but with different exercises, you’ll add intensity to your workout and recruit your muscle fibers just a bit differently, so it feels like you’re getting a whole new set of exercises.

  • Overload your muscles. By working the same muscle with one exercise right after another, you can overload your muscles without using heavy weights. This is great if you don’t have a spotter or don’t want to lift very heavy weights.


Chris Batten * TheExercisePRO